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We celebrate differences and diversity, value professionalism and provide a supportive and collaborative culture.

Chatsworth celebrates the differences and the diversity that we contribute as individuals whilst striving to achieve our common Chatsworth goals with a set of shared values.

We value our professionalism. A Chatsworth employee strives to be an expert in what they do and with this comes a willingness to continuously learn and improve and to uphold exacting standards.

We value the ability to be resilient and positive, flexing and adapting to changing situations and demands. 

We value our supportive culture. It is only by working collaboratively, and being respectful of each other that Chatsworth can thrive.

And we value the creative; being able to challenge ourselves and find new ways to tackle situations.

We promote a culture of inclusion to bring together the unique talents of our team members, propel our company’s growth and delver excellence for our clients.

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, empowered, and welcomed. Inclusion is not just a moral imperative; it is an essential driver of success. Our Diversity and Inclusion work stream aims to help us engage in more open and honest conversations, allowing our colleagues to feel safe, speak up, and contribute


We were the first communications agency to focus on fintech.

We’ve been building fintech reputations for 20 years, steering start-ups through launch, growth, and onto corporate action while protecting and enhancing established infrastructures.

For intelligent, informed and connected fintech PR which delivers results and value, let us help build your reputation and tell your story.

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Chatsworth Communications Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05333272.
Our registered office address is 27-31 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AT

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