Sibos 2023: What can we expect from this year’s event?

Toronto is set to welcome the world’s financial leaders on September 18-21 as Sibos comes to town.

The epicentre for Canada’s investment in AI and the country’s startup capital, Toronto’s flourishing fintech scene and growing tech talent pool make it a top contender for a world-leading fintech hub – and the perfect place for this year’s conference.

Thousands of the industry’s top executives, decision-makers, and thought leaders will come together to discuss and debate around the Sibos 2023 theme – collaborative finance in a fragmented world.

Experts will deliver and attend panels, demos, and networking opportunities around the topics of sustainable and inclusive financial industry, risk management in times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and the balance between technology and trust.

Looking back on Sibos 2022

The first in-person conference since 2019, Sibos 2022 brought together over 10,000 experts in Amsterdam to discuss how the financial community at large could contribute to ‘progressive finance for a changing world.’

A few key topics rose quickly to the top of the community’s ‘to-do’ list:

  • Supporting interoperability to enhance central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and tokenised assets
  • Advancing international payments for consumers and SMEs
  • Removing friction points in the international and cross-border payments process

These areas are expected to continue to be an important part of the agenda at this year’s Sibos as we assess progress made in the past 12 months and plan to build on this moving forward.

What to expect at Sibos 2023 

Interoperability, tokenisation, and the future of digital assets are set to take centre stage at Sibos this year.

Conference organiser Swift even recently announced findings of its experiments with interoperability to remove friction from tokenised asset settlement.

The news has been well received by the industry and will be no doubt a high point of conversation.

Myles Milston, co-founder and CEO of Globcap, said, “Swift’s focus on the interoperability between different chains and protocols rather than building their own is the right one… there is now widespread recognition that in capital markets tokenization has the potential to deliver greater interoperability and control to investors.”

And sessions will look at exactly that – unleashing the potential of digitisation and tokenisation, navigating the gap between digital assets and existing payment rails and managing digital assets at scale

Chatsworth client R3 is set to deliver a panel on the first day of Sibos: Digital currencies: CBDCs vs. Crypto, winners and losersThey’ll be joined by representatives from the Bank of Canada, CITI, Deutsche Bank, and EY to discuss the imminent and long-term future of digital currencies.

We look forward to supporting our clients at this year’s Sibos and further afield, as the financial community takes this step forward in creating a more collaborative, progressive industry.

For a full list of the programme, head to: 


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