Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

“Movement: moving more for our mental health.”

Mental Health Awareness Week highlights the importance of mental wellbeing and this year’s theme “Movement: moving more for our mental health” encourages us to reflect on the strong connection between our mind and bodies.

It’s no surprise that since the shift to more hybrid and home-based working, people are prioritising the need to schedule daily movement, for both the physical and the mental reward. Where before, some would benefit from a brisk walk to the station, or a cycle to the office, on home working days the lack of commute gives us a window of opportunity.

Morning movement is a favourite amongst our team, especially during the brighter months. Whether that’s a dog walk or a run, our team often feels more productive if they’ve incorporated some movement in the morning, as Account Manager, Mollie, states: “I have a more productive day at work if I’ve exercised before I log on.”

Movement is proven to increase mental alertness, boost energy and reduce stress.  These benefits increase when our movement is outdoors, surrounded by nature and sunlight – although the latter is not always guaranteed in the UK! Account Manager, Maeve, confirms: “Being out in nature helps recharge my batteries and keeps me energised to tackle whatever the day or week throws my way.”

Generating those feel-good endorphins and natural dopamine highs is so important to reducing anxiety, improving self-esteem, and overall feeling better in ourselves.  Director, Liz Fleming, adds: “Exercise boosts dopamine and can have a significant positive benefit on mental as well as physical health. It’s important we all have the time and ability to make movement a part of our everyday lives.”

Chatsworth colleagues have recently completed marathons and long-distance rows, and it’s great to hear the results of accomplishing these challenges have built their confidence not only in the exercise world but also in their working lives.  

Senior Account Executive, Jude, highlights, “Exercise helps me push further than I thought possible, allowing me to complete feats I never thought were possible, which in turn builds my confidence to overcome challenges in my personal and work life.” 

We know that positive mental wellbeing looks and feels different to everyone, but also good mental health directly contributes to the success of our team and our business.  Senior Operations Manager, Bonnie, adds: “We introduced a wellbeing allowance last year which team members can use as they see fit, to help prioritise their personal well-being.  Whether that be gym memberships, exercise classes, online subscriptions, new trainers – it’s their choice.” 

Fostering a company culture that puts mental health first is vital.  In addition to the wellness allowance, we support our team members taking on challenges through sponsorships, as well as operating our flexible working hours which allow employees to make the most of the lighter mornings and evenings.  

Whether it’s taking their dogs for walks, squeezing in that morning run, or winding down at a yoga class in the evening, any form of movement enhances our overall wellbeing, contributing to better mental health.

For this Mental Health Week, our team will be taking part in the Thames Bridges Trek in September 2024 – a 25km walk zig zagging the capital’s river from Putney Bridge to Tower Bridge. 


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