Meet Team Chatsworth:Aodhan Cunningham

Meet Aodhan – Chatsworth’s account manager, economics expert and football fanatic. Find out what it’s like to work at Chatsworth, fintech trends he’s interested in and what he gets up to outside of work.

What does a typical day look like for an account manager at Chatsworth?

While every day is different, I like to start my day by reading the news across multiple media outlets to find out the top stories that affect my clients.

The news of the day can set in motion a range of different activities. For example, it could present the perfect opportunity for a client to get involved in a debate or it could highlight a move a client’s competitor is making. The important thing is to act fast, sharing relevant ideas with clients and doing the legwork for them to make their lives easier.

After a busy morning of checking the news and flagging ideas to clients, I move on to writing tasks. This can include anything from short social posts to 1000-word opinion pieces on all sorts of topics, usually they’re linked to the problems fintechs are solving and digitisation. I also have a number of client calls throughout the week during which we suggest ideas, give and receive updates and plan future activity.

With fast-moving news trends and client demands, it is fair to say there is no typical day which is why I enjoy it so much!

What do you enjoy about working in fintech PR?

I enjoy the variety of clients we work with from financial market Infrastructures to exciting fintech startups that are looking to improve and transform the financial landscape. 

Seeing arguments from both sides is really interesting. For larger clients, protecting their reputation is key, whereas smaller clients need PR to try and disrupt and build a name for themselves.

As a fintech insider, you really get to see the impact that fintech PR can have and how our clients are transforming not only finance but also wider society.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I think the best advice and what has served me best in life is, “If you aren’t learning you aren’t growing.” From delivering client work to our in-house training workshops, at Chatsworth, we are constantly learning. I have gained great insight from our more senior colleagues as well as other members of the team who have specialised knowledge and skills in other areas. 

What fintech trend in 2023 has taken you by surprise?

The rise of AI has arguably been the biggest trend of 2023, not just in fintech but in many different sectors. How AI impacts society is presenting challenges and opportunities for our clients, and many have strong views on the potential of this technology. The rate at which generative AI has taken off has been amazing to witness, if not slightly scary. The ethical and moral debates about its use have been of particular interest. 

What fintech apps do you use in your personal life?

I use a variety of different fintech apps in my personal life. Like most, I have an online banking account with Monzo which has a great customer interface. I use it to make instant payments to family or friends, as well as adding money to saving pots for future trips and occasions. I also have a Lifetime ISA account with London fintech Moneybox – which is great for saving.

My friends and I would also use the Splitwise app. This helps me split bills with housemates and plan holidays with friends, avoiding awkward conversations about who owes what.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Outside of work, I try to go to as much live sport as I can, particularly football. In London, I am spoilt for choice with so many football grounds to visit. The highlight was probably seeing Lionel Messi and Argentina play at Wembley.

I try and stay active too, playing five-a-side football and tag rugby throughout the week, as well as going to the gym. I also love catching some live music on the weekend from traditional Irish music to rock and dance. If I’m not doing any of that, I’m probably just taking it easy binge-watching a new TV series or reading a book.


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