LiquidityEdge: from launch onto a $150 million acquisition

LiquidityEdge – steering a fintech brand through launch, growth and onto a $150 million acquisition

Chatsworth is honoured that some of the most interesting and energetic start-ups in the city, such as LiquidityEdge, put their faith in our team when they need to build their brand reputation. Drop us an email at to set up a free consultation.

The LiquidityEdge team built an amazing alternative trading model for U.S. Treasuries with an ecosystem that connects a trusted community of primary and regional dealers.

It gives users to choose between one-to-one or many-to-many models to create a bespoke order book from anonymous and/or disclosed streaming executable prices.

Treasuries are a huge financial market and the cornerstone of the global bond universe, with nearly $600 billion of US government debt changing hands each day.

Chatsworth supported the LiquidityEdge team from first inception, advising them on messaging, branding and every aspect of their communications.

We sustained this through launch, growth, and adoption, amplifying the benefits of this alternative trading model and key-value points and milestones in their product development.

We worked closely with the team under CEO, Nichola Hunter, to grow usage and engagement through an integrated global media and marketing campaign, with a pin-point focus on potential users and professional influencers, focusing on the platform’s value and points of differentiation.

The business has been acquired for $150m by MarketAxess, a great business that is really motoring. Great team, great result. Job done.


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