Building FX reputations for over 20 years

Chatsworth has been at the centre of foreign exchange – the world’s largest and most liquid market – for over 20 years.

Chatsworth has been at the centre of FX – the world’s largest and most liquid market – for over 20 years, positioning our clients as thought leaders, with skill and insight to move the compass needle their way.

Our seed clients were CLS, the market’s core settlement system and EBS, the largest spot FX trading platform and we’ve grown a particular specialism in this asset class and the technology which drives it.

We’ve been there as FX evolved to e-trading, through the introduction of prime brokerage, API trading, and the consolidation of the industry, working with some of the key institutional and infrastructure players, and supporting the introduction and adoption of some amazing, transformative technology.

Brands like Cobalt, CurrenexFXCMMosaic Smart DataParFXPragmaSuperDerivatives and SWIFT, have all hired Chatsworth to tell their FX story, grow market share and move the compass needle their way.

We worked on the launch of the FX code of conduct with industry leaders Marshall Bailey and David Puth and for the industry’s trade body, the ACI, at a time when the media spotlight fell on FX along with increasing calls for regulation.

We launched FX-as-a-Service provider, MillTechFX, and have since built their profile in the industry in the past year. By providing smart commentary and data against the backdrop of increased volatility in the FX market, we have secured coverage in tier one media such as the the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times [paywall], and key trade publications including the Full FX and Euromoney.

Today, Chatsworth is honoured to count FX industry veterans Jack Jeffery, David Rutter, Steve Caplen and Udi Sela on our advisory board.

We understand this market from top to bottom and have connections with all key FX publications and relationships with a wide network of influencers.

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We were the first communications agency to focus on fintech.

We’ve been building fintech reputations for 20 years, steering start-ups through launch, growth, and onto corporate action while protecting and enhancing established infrastructures.

For intelligent, informed and connected fintech PR which delivers results and value, let us help build your reputation and tell your story.

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