Getting enough bang for your fintech PR buck?

Book a fintech communications health check with the Chatsworth team and explore how we can amplify your fintech story.

Global funding in the fintech sector has fallen to its lowest level since 2017, declining 16% in the first three months of the year. It’s one of the toughest environments to start or run a technology business in recent memory.

But as the saying goes, when the going gets tough…and we know from experience that real business winners emerge from the storms and tempests of challenging market conditions.

Your technology story has to demonstrate real benefit and improvement over legacy processes and services – faster, safer, better, cheaper, more secure, widening access.

Then you need to secure that vital share of voice and mind in your chosen sector to move the needle your way, winning independent corroboration for your model, keep your business front of mind with prospects and support your investment and growth and win leads.

In a tight investment environment, your fintech PR and marketing investment needs to work harder than ever. Great marketing communications will keep you ahead and pay for your investment tenfold.

The opposite is the worst opportunity cost of all – losing your share of voice and momentum, when you need it most.

In a tough fintech environment, check you are really getting enough bang for your fintech PR and marketing buck. If not, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach.

Fintech communications is not a mass market business. You need appropriate, well-timed and co-ordinated communications to influence a professional, high-touch, informed audience working with legacy processes and systems. 

Great communications have an amazing effect on your team – the more your people see you making an impact in the public sphere, the more they believe in your model and mission and the more you will succeed.

Work with an agency which understands the issues your technology solves and its value to improve legacy markets and processes.

Chatsworth is the original fintech communications agency. Our services have been machine-tooled from 20 years supporting large financial technology infrastructures, financial institutions and innovative, early stage fintech brands

We help our clients amplify their offering, thinking and expertise so they lead on the issues that matter most to their business and customers, to move the compass needle their way.

Your reputation is everything. Trust it to the best hands.

If you need more bang for your fintech PR buck, perhaps it’s time for a new agency. Book a fintech communications health check with the Chatsworth team and explore how we can amplify your fintech story.


We were the first communications agency to focus on fintech.

We’ve been building fintech reputations for 20 years, steering start-ups through launch, growth, and onto corporate action while protecting and enhancing established infrastructures.

For intelligent, informed and connected fintech PR which delivers results and value, let us help build your reputation and tell your story.

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